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Hello and welcome to HaringCovers.com! Perhaps you are familiar with one or more of my other record cover blogs, ArtRecordCovers.com, BanksyCovers.com, ShepardFaireyCovers.com, or the original WarholCovers.com. These blogs are dedicated to providing images and information related to vinyl records with covers featuring art from renowned visual artists. This blog is specific to the work of the late Pop Artist Keith Haring. These covers are primarily from my collection, although other images may be added to provide additional information. Please leave any comments or questions you might have, and I’ll try to respond. Thanks, and enjoy!


Keith Haring – The Record Game

I wish I could give more information on this record, but I don’t seem to be able to find anything online. The record itself is an interview with Keith Haring about his childhood. The images on both sides (the interview is only on the red side) change slightly, as if you could mask them somehow and see the images change before your eyes. If anyone knows anything about this rare (edition of only 100) release, please let me know. I purchased this from a seller in Italy.

The Final Nights of Paradise – Larry Levan











These 5 records were recorded live at the Paradise Garage, which was located at 84 King Street in New York during it’s final weekend September 25th to the 28th, 1987. Despite its release from Garage Records, this is considered a bootleg, and cannot be bought or sold on Discogs. Larry Levan died at the age of only 38 in 1992. The Keith Haring images are all identical except for the different colors used against the black background, but the back covers include unique notes about the recording.


Patriotic Act – Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble



This single sided record from the Qbico label (QBICO 50) was recorded at the No Fun Festival in New York on March 19, 2004. This distinctive, cut out, cover was not a complete one off for Arthur Doyle. He took it one step further for his release “No More Crazy Women”, which featured a photograph another significant artist, Cindy Sherman.